We are lyhne life

lyhne life is a B2B healthcare marketing agency specialized in marketing and communication for Healthcare & Life Science industries. The agency started in 2011, as a division of lynne & co.

lyhne & co. is a full-service advertising agency with strong creative and marketing competencies. It was founded in 1991 and employs 15 talented people.

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Why Choose Us

lyhne life is led by Director, Louise Lyhne, M.Sc. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Previously, Louise held the position of CMC Project Manager in R&D at Nycomed and prior to that she worked as a Patent Manager in the biotech company Egalet a/s. Louise´s experience ranges from management of Drug Development Projects to Global Life Cycle Management Projects.

“I believe it’s essential to have a deep insight into how the life science and healthcare industries work to be able to communicate their complexities to stakeholders. When you add this insight to our strategic experience, powerful analytical tools and a unique creative approach to concept development, we have a powerful combination to offer our clients.”

- Louise Lyhne, Director

Louise Lyhne

Our References

Lyhne life works with companies ranging from medtech, to pharmaceutical or industrial engineering companies.
Here is a list of clients we have assisted in their marketing and communication challenges.
Alk Abello
Astellas Pharma
Astra Zeneca
BioAdvice A/S
eHealth Innovation Contest
Fertin Pharma
Lina Medical
Leo Pharma
Lundbeck Pharma
Medico Industrien
Novo Nordisk
Particle Analytical


Market Research & Strategy

We assess the market potential of your product and the needs of your stakeholders, and we develop strategies that meet your objectives.


Integrated Marketing

We use integrated marketing to help our healthcare clients achieve their corporate objectives from a commercial- and business perspective.


Corporate Branding

We believe corporate branding makes a huge difference, and we are devoted to make your company stand out as trustworthy and professional.

  • Health information is the fastest growing search category on mobile devices.

  • Marketing services companies must integrate their offerings and become more dynamic to serve the changing needs of the healthcare industry.

  • The consumerization of technology has propelled massive changes that have created a newly empowered consumer more involved and in charge. And it’s causing major disruptions with how to target, reach and engage with these empowered consumers to gain their loyalty, trust and business.

  • Thanks to medical innovations and prolonged life expectancy, consumers are staying forever young mentally as well as physically. For healthcare marketers, this means taking a more youthful approach in communicating with 60-somethings.

  • Our digital and physical worlds continue to blur (…) Consumers, however, expect to have a consistent and uniform experience regardless if they are browsing your website or standing in your store. The focus should be on delivering an exceptional customer experience across all touch points regardless of platform, location or device.